Thursday, August 7, 2008

you,me and this

sometimes keeping a distance is the best way to over-come anger, count your numbers and back away from it.

i remember that fight we had where i almost had my fist buried in her skinny jaw so she would shut up. i think that's the most violent i've ever been towards another, seen reconciling with my sis involving the door incident. leaving without a door was quiet disturbing but i've managed. maybe that's what we need now, for everyone to come clean.
no more talking shit behind any of our backs, no more remarks and no more ignorance.
but that is just it!
there's always a glitch in communication between one person to the other, i've seen it around. i've tried to avoid them but being a human i make them anyways.
so what now?

so now, i wonder if what we have will just end with a bit of mockery and a fistful of anger?

song for this and for today, 8/8/08

No doubt-dont speak.

i'm listening to them for 2 weeks now,missed the old days i that was never in.

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