Friday, August 15, 2008

Oi you!

PICTURE OF THE WEEK!month maybe since i haven't been using my camera as often as i used to. Supaaa M doing her thing,just always a natural. it looks like she's actually laughing in this doesn't she?that's the best part about it.

ouh the pink fury thing is like a small pillow for arm given by morita-chan to me last year for my birthday.

serious was never our middle name =)

this week was kinda good actually, met Sabrina last night and talked endlessly about her so-called "love life" and got more than i've expected though.
word is, PARAMORE might be coming here at the end of the year!
speculations and rumours are the best i tell you because they usually are true. just thinking positive.

i've made a will to stalk Hayley williams when if she ever comes here. tina is with me on this. my partner in crime as always.

tina gave me a bunch of her mixed CD so i've been indulging myself on those.also found some of my old mixed CD that totally got me tapping while i genuinely try to sleep which you probably will know resolving into me getting only 1 1/2 hour of sleep. whoop-de-do there!

so here's my songs of the week,not in order but each meant a lot to me.

heaven help us-MCR
brother of the mayor of bridgewater-world inferno friendship society
me and mia-ted leo and the pharmacist
love sick melody-paramore
cute without the e-taking back sunday
i caught fire-the used
buried myself alive-the used
beating heart baby-head automatica
waiting on the world to change-john mayer
hey jude-the beatles

well mostly anything by the beatles, WIFS,MCR,paramore and listening to old songs that used to make my eyes go all awed and my fat ass dancing can make my day.
just kinda going back to somewhere you had done your growing up in and finding that the old cafe you spent time lounging around with some of your best buds just totally inspiring each other while the rest of your peer hanged out in the mall, still standing and serving the best apple crumble ever in your life.because even others had moved on into different interest, the ambiance of the place reminded you of what helps too, to see that the little doodle on the wall had everyone else's including yours wacky notes and signature.

yah that's how listening to mixed CD feels like.

just pure bliss and at ease

off now and starts cramming my head with more educational stuff that's supposedly will determine my future.
*snorts *

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