Saturday, August 2, 2008

don't lose yourself!

so of the week..........
*drumrolls please!*

running by no doubt.

just says it all,i sleep with this song every night this week.

i can say some people i've met kept saying "i don't believe in the term bestfriends", well screw that thought girls!

by saying that you don't trust anyone at all, then you start thinking people hate you just because they don't smile to you or something, the fact that some people don't give others any chance to get to know them saddens me.
okay not really, i just think they are these skeptic fart that couldnt be a bit optimistic about others, hey i know i have my issues with writing about more personal stuff but that's partly different because this is the interwebz!
lurkers are everywhere, and i shall say this....never ever underestimate the power of THE NET.

that aside,

for me friendship means the world to me, i love my friends i hate them too but i know that if i want to make it work it will. its just truly about how to approach things and being patient and being assertive but kind all at the same time. have that kind of relationship really makes you grow as human as well as mold you into being yourself.

i think that in time its not really who you pick as your friends...but who you are really?
get me?
like if you can be with the most popular kids in your school or opposite it's about you yourself carrying that uniqueness within those group of friends or i can say cliques?

for me the obstacles that been thrown at me kept me want to work for it!
there has been trust issues that involves tears and rain, envy that has anger rolled of your backs and "creative differences " that lurched you into combat mode in protecting the things you love.

all the shenanigans i will look forward too in the future.

as usual i will go off-topic and make your head spin until i'm not even sure what's the point other than i really love that song and video clip.

it's the rock steady vibe babeh!
what else lah

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