Thursday, August 7, 2008


i miss photography with a capital M.
love this picture to bits, the way it turned out just exceeds my expectations!
that was my first time using film and i think i nailed it. maybe not every frame i i really got a few shots that i will treasure not just because of the quality but the story behind those pictures.

this year i realized as much as Allah threw me into the pits with the whole dad getting maried to another,mum looks defeated, friends being immature and SPM i fortunately have my cousins to look forward too. i've never thought in anytime soon that i will be a family person.
seriously that's like a punch-line.
"irah thinks family is number one!!",
now i'll be just like the people that said that and make that expression of how important family is.

this year, THEY changed my life.
before it was photography,the year before that was friends and music.

90 days pulse till SPM,
i don't really think i am ready but i'm getting there, i'm happy with myself these days that even the worst turbulence head my wouldn't keep in from falling.

odd how things had changed when you put your mind into it.
things seems a whole lot better somehow

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