Sunday, August 17, 2008

hookies!move over famous amos!

my attempt in making a happy face
i failed.miserably.
hey,at least the I love U part turned out pretty swell,doesn't it?
don't hesitate pips it is actually edible and made out of 100 % non-toxic ingredients.
*courtesy of M's kitchen and the back of Kellogg's recipe table*,
it worked minus the 1st batch being a little bit chewy and limp.

We now have proven that you can trust those recipes. being the skeptic that i am,i now beamed with satisfaction after a day of slaving in M's hot kitchen playing baking with the tards and syasya.


a day planed out as MCR-The Black Parade Is Dead dvd marathon turned out to be a fun-filled evening of Tae-Yong ogled and goggled fest cramped in with a baking session with our 'lil' pastry chef expert Tella Stella aka Tina yusof.

her baking philosophy is "get down,get dirtay,we're making some cookies,get dawn,get dirtay!"

there's a vid of that but it took to long to post!

not to mentioned M's attempted or shall i say forceful behavior in making a B-shaped cookie intribute to her love and affection at the moment "Big Bang".

you'll be the judge of that!looks like an eight to me rather than B to me. *coughed + chuckled*

this best described with pictures

fuh!massive picture uploads!
for M,easier to past around my pictures now that i know blogspot can save pictures,though in the future i should be more wary of the pictures i will be posting yeh?

don't want any mishaps and drama now would we?

btw the "hookies" syasya is holding is made by the oh-so swooned Tina,intribute to her new and i dare say eye candy heartthrob Tae-Yong. *snickers*
T-shaped cookie that looks NOTHING like a T.

well screw that some one actually squealed and did a lil jump went she realized her name has the same 1st letter as her newest drool factor!

T-ina...Tae-Young....this made M squirmed.

there,the longest ACTUAL post i've made since i've signed up for this.

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eMMe said...

i was lmao reading this!
yes, i still cant believe tina is drooling over MY tae yang. hmmp..*squirm even more*
but u know what, me n tina just had a phone convo abt tae yang n bb for 45 mins i
ive convert a metal chick to a...k-pop lover?? eww..does not sound right xP
i'll make myself believe that it is only a phase..a phase.. turn metal back, b**tch! move over, ty is mine. *so posessive.hahaha*