Wednesday, August 20, 2008



chopstick 1

which one do you prefer?
or both you dislike?

M this is for you,since you have artistic P.O.V

i'm not sure if i actually like these pictures,it bugs me somehow.

tze vizion iz not thze yet..not ballissma ..just uck.

1 comment:

eMMe said...

i love both actually.
at first i like the first one, but then tgk again, i cant choose! lol..
the first one looks lighter than the second one.
it looks like a mannequin. tu ur sis ke apa?
what was ur inspiration?

overall, it looks lovely =P

eh, letak lah chat box. easier to leave a commnt. i drew gd btw. maybe postg it on my blog. x sure yet.