Saturday, August 2, 2008

just realized.

that people actually use blogs to write about things in their lives, like a daily journal and what not.

i'm really bad at this, i couldnt tell you the stuff that really goes under this thick skin of mine because i actually thinks people read it like my sister,which have a loudmouth of telling people about my blog, i guess that makes me paranoid.

i like to be private. i don't want people to have something to use against me in the future, that is how paranoid i am!
i know that i definitely evolves in time, so what i say today might not what i will agree tomorrow.
don't get me wrong i'm not fickle minded,well occasionally yes but..i can honestly say that i'm a growing girl with a mind of it's own. we all are right?

or maybe i'm just the only one that have opening up issues.
like tina and her ridiculous glass bottle theory.

i'm not doing this blog any justice,i like writing in actual books and journals again these days :)
since i was 14 i have this journal that i've filled it with total nuisance and scribbles of unsatisfied feeling. i hate it if someone read it so i scribble, only people around me and my teachers knows how "creative" my writing is!

i need a new journal, and definitely not a mole skin,
what a fad lah!
that's another issue i will touch on when i feel compel to tell.

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