Tuesday, April 15, 2008


its just one of those things that baffled me so much, of how peoples reactions and behavior.

that includes mine.

i can keep on trying and doing but somehow it comes up short like maybe after all this im giving up easily, or maybe this is my way of quiting.

by doing it slowly, its like that song "killing me slowly"

awesome movie though, hugh grant(hopefully thats how he's name is spelled) and the boy were perfect together.

i know what my flaws are, what i lack and should throw away.
like those old knick knacks i threw away every time i decide to do cleaning, metaphorically i think those things resembles the old habits i cant shake off.

that's rather pathetic .

despite all this unhealthy and unsatisfied feeling i still cant be dark, expressively.

angry yes.
very much.

maybe thats just it,
i couldn't be truly despair of myself because sometimes its all what you have even though thats not true, but everyone felt that way i think.
thankfully i want to portray some sort of happiness in all my pictures and life.


this blog is just for me to ramble on things and catching up with some people in my life.
sometimes its easier to be written down then talk about it.
or maybe i need a place to pour out my sanity before i go insane.

i shall say thank you to ella for encouraging me to try and be creative in every way possible.
to let my voice get across the interwebz,
so what if people can read my thoughts and mind.
i'll try to filter it as much as i can


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aristarionne said...

helllllluuu!!! welcome to blogspot. you're doing great Irah :D