Friday, April 18, 2008

finding time to try

sometimes we need to remember,we just need to try and remember the things that brought us so much joy, those days where everything are possible beyond our reach.
when you walked out with your shoe laces tied firmly at your feet, you know it'll be an okay day,when you don't expect the worst. but you do at the spurs of moments because it all seem surreal for you.
just unreal.
but you let your self drown in those times you have, because thats what life is about. living the moments, many might object my thoughts on this but what the hell like i care what you think. even though i would love to hear your objections and will probably hear it with and open heart but all of us have minds of our own right?

i had those days where everything just seem so perfect, of course those days wasn't spent alone.
i couldn't stand my thoughts all alone, blabbing about how things should be or should have been.
the inner turmoils, my family and friends had inflicted in my big head constantly burns at the back of my mind.
hey im not saying this like bad thing okay ? :)
well not always a bad thing

they make me grow as a human being,
when you know you have the mind of your own and dare to stand up for them, i believe you had achieved something or more than that in life. its like that another step you took forward.
because i personally believe that "silence is a killer",
i know, i of all people aren't the bravest or the courages in standing up or speaking out.
but maybe i want to believe i can try and be that better person,because i know that it is in me somewhere beneath this layers of skin,hey everyone needs time to be some one, to find themselves.

anyways, i just babbled things that i want to get out of my head to make room for more thoughts like chemistry of addmath.ekkk.

so back to the things i really want to share with whoever is reading this and for me to make a mental note that doesn't consist of me scribbling on my notebooks or room and get lost in piles of books and my messy table and shelf.

another good movie for today,
"finding Forrester"
i wouldnt comment on the actors and actresses acting in that movie but what the movie brought to its audiences.

a good sense of how to write and how society is.
or maybe more, i wouldn't touch deeper on the story because i like to absorb everything a good movie provide my soul. :)

okay okay,i'll write a good quote from the movie because you know i have a knack for quotes.

"The rest of those who have gone before us cannot steady the unrest of those to follow."

what do you think that meant?
for now i'll keep that to myself because the laptop battery is running seriously low!

btw yuna rest my mind, heart and soul.

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