Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the dream part 1: still waiting

Remember in June I went and declared my dream? Well, it is still burning within my able body passionately. Every time someone asks me what I want to do after this, I usually just say I don't know and make a :( face. But inside, inside I was screaming my ideas like a mad woman that I literally had to shushed myself.

I wonder what people will react to my plan? I know they will judge me for not being practical about my future. Everyone is just such in hurry to get to the next point in their life, maybe it be a career or marriage and all I want to do is find freedom to roam the world with a journal and camera. Take loads of pictures, meet new people and befriend them, learn their culture and widen my perspective on life. That is all I want to do. I don't want a fancy car, a big house, pretty clothes or a title. But, just because I don't want those things doesn't mean I hate people that do, everyone had their preference and I respect that entirely.

That being said, it is now the second week of August and I am ecstatic that the time is moving quiet swiftly. I focus my energy on internship and during quiet moments where my mind is no occupied by lesson plans and classroom management strategies, I fill it with this dream of mine to keep going. I think of my sister's face and words every time I start doubting myself.

I miss her so much.

Anyways, she sent me a budget and my eye ball nearly fell out of its socket. But I am hopeful. One thing life had taught me is, money is something you can find. Don't need to fret, I rather be poor and enjoy life than be rich and miserable. The saying "money can't buy happiness" is dead on. If some smart ass says otherwise, know that that person can have all the money to buy the world but it would never fill out the void of what it can't buy, like love, affection and laughter.

I am sure you are tired of me rambling about this dream of mine, but I am just keeping myself motivated.

Until next post on this, which I surely think in another two months. By then I will be done with my internship and can start this madness. Soon :)

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