Tuesday, April 26, 2011

our swords

"Out on the wall sounds of banging is constant coming from your head
And desperate the calls came and ringing from those wanna wring your neck
Wring your neck"

It was one of those evenings where it would be shinning too damn brightly that you can feel the UV rays penetrating through your skin and gnawing at your flesh like an invisible microorganism. well did you remember that day? I did. I remembered it clearly.

We were just walking idly on the pavement when fat drops of rain fell on our head and in just seconds it started pouring. It was like god just accidently dropped a cup of water on us and went "Opps, sorry about that humans". We made a mad dash to the nearest building to take shelter from the heavy rain. To my excitement I've pulled you towards the cinema. It was vacant but only a few old people in their shorts and sandals with socks on. Not to mention the tacky holiday shirts, where are we? Hawaii??

You mentioned something about how horrible the weather has been lately while shaking the water off your hair like cats always do after a bath to their fur. That made me laughed because the water went on the passersby with the bowl cut and he gave us a very irritated look.

Just to passed the time we bought tickets to watch some movie we've never heard off. So this story was about a couple of teenagers running around L.A looking for a band call Fluffy. Sounds cool? well, the truth of it all it was another love story but less comedic and more realistic. Which is always good for me. Not to mention the excellent soundtrack.It was either that or a badly remake of something that was already awful in the first place.

However, knowing how you can only stand gory and science fiction when it comes to the big screen. You had already fallen asleep with your head on my shoulder 10 minutes into the movie after finishing the popcorn that was meant to be shared. But you knew how I don't even like popcorn that much so I saw that one coming.

When the movie was almost ends, I don't know why I started sobbing quietly. The slight tremors that occurs when you're crying woke you up. You looked startled and asked me whats wrong and I started blubbering like an idiot and you just laughed, gave me hugged and called me a romantic wuss. Then wiped my tears and told me this would never happen if we were watching star-trek. Which resulted to me hitting you on the head and saying strings of obscenity. Used to my quick tongue you just laughed.

When the movie ended we went outside and were very delighted to find that the rain has also stopped. Your hand-phone rang and you looked at the screen and instantly looked somber. Reluctantly, you picked up anyway. I knew who was that. It's her. Fresh out of her hangover and infidelity. I heard sobbing and pleading on the other end and five seconds later there she was in the flesh inside the silver Nissan by the pavement. You looked shocked and said to the receiver "Stay there,i'm coming" and turned to me "I'm sorry but I have to handle this" looking at me rather apologetically.

"It's okay, go. I rather not her make scene right here" .He clasped my head and said "You're the best. Drive home safely ok."
I just smiled meekly and said "You know I always do".
Then watched you got into the car and drove away into the evening, disappearing from my sight.

Do you know why I cried like an idiot just now? It hit me and I couldn't contained it. I am Norah. You're Nick. I can't believe I'm in love with an idiot.


Needed to get it all out there. This is entirely fictional and has no relation to people alive or dead. But it was inspired from someone alive. You know I wouldn't make it easy for you to understand how I feel by just a simple lyric or a sentence. It has to be a long winded story to let you decipher the puzzle of my heart and mind.

Yes, I'm really complicated. But if you know the movie. Then you can easily understand what this story means.

Enjoy? hopefully.

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