Sunday, April 24, 2011

give me more tea to calm this nerves

i've been downing countless cups of tea today. Rose is the best because you get that whiff of rose and feel instantly calmer. the loveliness of tea just makes me oh so jolly. can i write a poem about it? oh dearie,you better brace yourself before I burst into rhymes about this caramel coloured liquid. I wish someone would go to Ceylon again and buy me more boxes of flavoured tea. I can't get enough of them.

PS: they are best serve with cream crackers. dunk it and let the sogginess invades your mouth with such delight.

May is fast approaching and I am getting all jittery thinking about my internship.There are just to many things going through my mind right now. I need to brush up on my grammar. This lass needs to crack open the grammar book and get schooled fast. I know i can do it! come July, I'll be a grammar nazi that will irritate the hell out of people.

May will be a busy month for me. Will have to organize a farewell dinner, conduct my individual microteaching, draw that layout of my ideal classroom and get my folio done for testing and evaluation in one week. I think this is why I am having a lovely headache and downing cups of tea. I am readying myself for a very busy month ahead. Need to stack up on the fuel. Very english of me aye?

Ah well, this will keep me busy from thinking of when it will all be over. Time will fly and before I know it, i will feel the certificate on my hand and continue my life on a different road.

However, this year is proving to be a good year for the music geek that I am but a bad year for the broke ass student that I am. Right, need to get a job between all this chaos. Too many good bands stopping over and I'd be damn if I miss them.


okay, the pulsing in my head is getting quicker. Need to shut down and get an early start. Insyallah everything will work out. Yallah,please give me the strength to pursue each of my work with diligence! Amin.

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