Sunday, January 23, 2011


she came knocking on my door late one January evening, it just started raining cats and dogs suddenly when that very afternoon the sun was out high and mighty in the sky shinning blindingly into my eyes. i muttered to myself how humid it was and wished it away like a hag cursing at everything that is beautiful and joyful. i know now why...

she came quietly with a few light knocks on the door and look me straight into the eyes with pity. what can i do but to look away instantly and let her in. she question me on so many things that i end up bawling every time i try to speak. she just gave me a deep sigh and said
"you know i'll be back some day, don't blame this on me"
"then who?"
"you know who"
"but ive tried! they didnt"
"doesn't matter what they did, this is about you"

i was lost for words because it got stuck in my throat when the sadness hit me like a blow to the chest and all i could do was crawl into a ball and hold my chest tightly to stop the shaking. right there and then all i wanted to do was pack up all my books and leave.

"so,that is your solution?to run?again?"
"its the only way"
"is it now?"

with shaking hands she packs up all her favourite books and journal into a bag pack and left before they come back and cooed her into staying.

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