Saturday, January 15, 2011

ive tried

yesterday i was up til 4 am trying to give this blog a face lift. when i've finally figured out how to put the layout codes, i then did not know how to use the blog with that design.what a shame i tell ya. the design was so lovely and what i've wanted for my blog.

since i've vowed to write more this year. i felt that a new look would really motivate me to feel more inspired. maybe ill make another blog to test out that design and figure out how it works.

for now this will be where my thoughts chirps.

hows your 2011 going so far?

mine kicked off with examinations so basically my year is starting off how i've predicted it to be. Im looking forwards for the many sleepless nights, endless reading, planning, rendezvous with my friends and also being so far away from my sister Anne.

she will be leaving soon and i am so proud of her achievements. to all the boys out there,if you feel incompetent next to her astounding beauty and brain then shine your shoes and make yourself a fine lad because she dont deserve less than who she is.both my sisters. love them to bits even when we fight like cats and dogs.its what makes us closer than ever.

so this year i know so many things will change.
i'll be a teacher in a couple of months. look how time just flew right by you and sneak up on you cunningly. if feels like that time in a mentoring meeting and i got call to the front to give a speech about my previous mentor that i barely know. i winged it of course,and start whizzing out my words and then walked out of the class after i was done. not one of my best moments.

in a nutshell,thats what my internship feels like right now.

so what happens after that?
oh,thats the question i wished would appear itself eventually. but eventually will come and now i really have to take matter in my own hand dont i.

so what is it going to be Irah?

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