Wednesday, September 22, 2010


i am one.
ive been one since i saw the kerrang article of them tina showed it to me where they were reviewed on gig they played somewhere in england. there stood hayley with her fiery red hair all mussed with her orange microphone in hand and her mouth looking like it could swallow it up and her eyes squeeze tight.
then,i heard conspiracy. i was sold. i think they are the first band i've just got into because of the music. i swear til this day i dont know hayley's birthday or her actual age until a month ago because someone told me. so, it is suffice to say that they are the post-MCR band i've listen to when things got a little be rowdy being a fan of my chem. there were too much "this is my opinion and im sticking with it!" attitude from people around me and people all over the world. i felt suffocated being in such a hostile environment that i just wanted out.

the thing with paramore is it felt like your bestfriends are singing songs about the good and bad time you all faces together. you know like a soundtrack to your teenager years. at that time things were really on the rocks with my bestfriends so it was nice to ran to music such as theirs and find that comfort there where i dont have to lose myself again in the hate that was just radiating from every one of my friends.

i remembered finding solace in 'that's what you get', ' let the flames begin' and 'miracle'. i dont know how to explain this to you but it helped washed away the hatred,anger and doubt. i know
one would ask "irah,why cant you find that i the quran". well, i am sorry, im sorry that i failed in finding solace that there and that way when im a muslim. but arent you glad i didnt drown myself in substances and alcohol instead like many of my peers are doing these days?

so, cutting short my ramblings. they are coming here in october. is it weird that i felt it. like something big was happening but i did not foreseen this! dayum. yes, i fancy myself as a psychic.Im a girl.we know this stuff.

so now, im listening to their songs 24/7! even when im doing number 2 in the crapper. when im walking up to classes, when im in class, when i talk to people sometimes and when im about to sleep. oh,its the new songs i'm listening too because im not familiar with them much so i thought i gave them a listen a few weeks ago and man how again the songs fit perfectly with the happenings of my life.

good job, hayley,josh,zach,taylor and jeremy.

so im estatic. naturally...couldnt you tell?:D

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