Sunday, September 12, 2010

the beat

there was a time where i could turn back time and just push it aside because the idea of it is so silly and impossible that only a madman would ponder over it too much.However, tonight and the next i am personally yours to watch me truly diving myself in the beautiful chaos once again. For in these beats i'm rewinding over and over again seem to be taking me back to a time and place that i wish it wasnt all in my head. they are vaguely ebbing away like a dream that come and go in a flurry flash of memories. everything moved in milliseconds but all too quickly they're gone. you ask me if i am living in the past, well...maybe the present is pale in comparison.

oh if you know me babe, i am nothing but pale. If i could i want to discover a new colour and name it after myself. you will laugh now because i wish for things that only exist in books, but i believe in a world that one can shine the way one wants. Mine just happens to be in every spectrum of the colour in a dark room.

so let me drown myself in this beat til i fall asleep,
a deep sleep that beckons me to those memories so vividly,
by then i wouldnt ask for salvation,
not even when you have your foot press against my chest,
hands wrapped in a violent twist hammering towards my lips,
not even when i've got blood on your floor,
i still wouldnt ask for your saving,
because babe i dont need one.

so stop whispering love songs in my ears while you watch me die,
the lights from my eyes will be out any seconds now,
the image of your puzzled face will be savored,
for i know why you are wondering why i'm still smiling through the pain,
its coz i still hear the sound of the beat drumming madly,
almost keeping me alive...

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