Sunday, February 6, 2011

lets play the blame game

i think im getting lazier to blog on here because I've recently rediscovered tumblr again for the 3rd time and have been on that more just re-blogging pictures and quotes that depicts my day. you should check it out at threadovermouth for daily dosages of what really inspires me if you are interested. if not, just click on there anyways and check out my rad theme(I REALLY THINK IT IS ,SO DEAL WITH IT) and beautiful,moving,artistic pictures i wished i took.

hence, i am partly blaming tumblr for sidetracking me from here. there is a lot of pointing fingers lately and i ought to be ashamed of myself for being the supporter of such action. but i couldn't help it when i feel like i am being sadly mistreated.

at the end of this, i wonder who will come out and say "it's my fault lets just forget this".
those words probably wouldn't come from my lips because i can't let go of the things unsaid and done. this shouln't come as a surprise to you since i am firstly a girl and secondly a scorpio.

ohgossh,there i go again blaming my zodiac sign and my gender for being so vengeful.

darn it! now i am really wondering about the mess i am in. the endless jabber in my head has resulted to me having reoccurring dream about some psycho killer out to kill my friends and i. so, now i sleeping with the night light just so i can sleep easily.

maybe I ought to get this mess sorted soon so i can save the environment and save the polar bears through using less electricity that my froggie ikea night lamp produces.

February is starting off just well as you can see.

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