Friday, December 19, 2008

From McD

anne and my mum are bickering across the table while pouring all their attention towards anne's laptop talking about Genting. i have the urge to ask that i thought we had aborted that plan weeks ago since that landslide ocurred. i'm not really looking forward to it since i'm afraid of riding MOST of the rides. i have these images of 'final destination 3' reeling in my head. honestly i've been having these irksome thoughts for awhile now. Especially when it'll be just us girls tonight(yes that include my brother,whom is hovering over me at this moment warning me about not to eat his mc flurry,greedy midget).

right now i really have the urge to pee but i need to tell you about this really good book i've read last week.


i'm sure you've heard of her but haven't really make yourself to read her stuff.
well you should!
i was so overwhelmed by that book that i wrote a 2 page 'thoughts' on it.
i would totally share it with you but my journal is at home and i don't really lodge it around like some kind of holy book because the fear of losing it and falling to the hands of evaal. talking about that, i'm reading inkheart but i recklessly left it at my aunty's house.........................i know......
i really did feel like banging my head against the wall but restrain myself from doing so.Aren't you glad? if not i wouldn't write on this blog for much longer time.

i did something new this week :)

yes you jeard me right,PS3.
it's so pretty it took my breath away.

Yes,i'm a game virgin,the only thing i've really ventured in are Lara Croft(on my bro's gameboy) and the sims(the old version). so, last wednesday i agreed to help Hanis killed them zombies.
and you know what happened? I DIED 2 SECONDS FLAT!
poor hanis,i was such an awful game buddy but after i took a piss i was determined to try harder for hanis! And i did,we completed the mission.the game is RESISTANCE 2,try your skills on that.
the day ended up with our eyes went totally bloodshot watery and my head feeling so heavy and my sleepingover at hers. i had a good time, always a calm and stress-free tome when i'm with her.

and guess what i got from her
sorry i can't rotate it,i'm in a hurry.
his name is
Pursley,it was on the tag.
He looks like a stuffed animal version of Teddy(my new baby aka cat)

okay,till next time i really need to go to the loo.

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Stellar Tella said...

awww baru nak ajak you gi genting next year lol