Saturday, December 13, 2008

new skin

you like?
i'm having second thoughts on it,i couldn't put my twitter,links and music in this skin.

before i get off

here's a picture that made me grinned toothily

we have our red haired phase.
changed it to normal again because the other skins wouldn't work properly. very dysfunctional after several skins i'm opting for a normal look,for now.

you know how much i love Flickr right? there's just so many beautiful pictures captured by these 13 and 14 year old, they really make your picture look like an amateur next to theirs. at first i was envious of their work but i couldn't be for long since they always manages to awe me with their work that i've learned to put all of those ego aside and learn from their work too.

TODAY i came across the link in Ella's flickr,thank you for sharing
Since Flickr had gone both photo AND video sharing, i am trilled to see that some one had put that to use.

moving picture of a girl


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Stellar Tella said...

holy shit!!! wtf is that gerard!? #!$@#%$!$#@!$#%$^