Saturday, December 13, 2008


you really should see me smiling like a geek right now when i was reading their blogs, mostly gerard's. he is what we thought he would be. yups i just finished reading through 6 pages of it, now before you start laughing up in a serious fit, it's not an essay long post(that's mostly gerard's post),the others are normally 1 paragrpahed post with a picture. i should really be sleeping right now coz it's 4:30 am, i know that i am buzz out but i seldom get the chance to use the net often these days that i really feel that i should make up for lost time now that i see there's actually better things to do online.

frankly i was bored online coz none of my friends are online when i am. i can't call or text them coz i'm too poor to buy prepaid. BUT just now Fara called me and she practically talked like a bullet train(nothing new) about the wonderful BALI. i love hearing people talk. for instance Tina. she always manages to come up with these lines in a convo out of the blue that i find it fascinating. not to mention absoulutly hilarious and sarcastic too. she's a master alrite. fara too.she and fara,those pair are more alike then they think...personally that's what i think.

so fara was talking about Bali and how AHSUM it is.
after me gushing over all the things she said we came to a conclusion that WE NEED TO GO TO BALI! all 5 of us. plan a trip before we head of to uni and college. i should ask anne when does the 1st semester starts. that gives me the jitters but i talked to Ella earlier on msn and she said she's enjoying college life. she said it's totally liberating to be there. i just pray that mine would be too. if it isn't that is just unfair after 5 years stuck in usj12,probably one of the most strict and boring school around subang jaya.i am NOT exaggerating here.

so BALI in June.

like hell my parents are going to pay for anything at this point.yeah yeah sob story about them which i probably will talk about in another post.

for now, i'm trying to use picnik but it just wouldn't function properly!
rite,emme texted me just now about some new projects she wanted to do, my answer is YES!!!!!

laers more post in a few hours after i catch some ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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