Thursday, June 5, 2008

"the call my dear",its for you

5 months down.

hmmm,I am ready now.not in the sense educationally but more mentally.

i feel better in some weird way.
like away from school and from my friends makes me misses them and thankful of them more?

i guess absences does makes the heart fonder.


i know we'll be agitated by each others behavior once the we start talking about music,our uninteresting school break and narnia.
except for melun,she'll be yapping away about BB and i'll listen cause she sounds happy. I'm glad she is.With the shit she has to constantly put up with at home, i feel like i need to save her from their mental abuse. She's already fragile and they're killing every ounce of her hope and dreams.

These are the things Allah swt throws at us and we certainly determine to make through these obstacles as human as possible.

do you get that feeling that when you're going through this thick soul seeping fog, that you're scared that you might loose yourselves or the people you have? or maybe both...........

that's our fear, its so crippling that it had paralyzed you in that same spot for years.But, you know, i know for a fact that "we are who we are" not our parents.
so fear not!

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