Thursday, June 12, 2008

"the truth is,i'm a bad person"

lets stop trying to beat the norm.
that's the punchline.

full stop.

oh btw,Trainspotting was unbelievably bold, outrageous and spilling with some good ol Scottish wit! A story that had been told in the best way possible without drowning it's sense of humanity,humor and reality. Heroin never looked so interesting mixed with the thick Scottish accent and smart dialogs about a controversial subject that's killing our mind,body and soul.
It's gritty and raw but appealing and entertaining.For me, i just wanted to know how is this madness going to end!
A tale of the euphoria of drugs and it's risk kept my eye glued to the screen.A harsh reality but we've got to face it right?

Also it's base on a book written by Irvine Welsh in 1993, a great cult know where i'm going with this right? Irvine Welsh is the same man who wrote Ecstasy:Three Tales of Chemical Romance

that's where MCR got their name.


now i'm waiting the chance to upload "into the wild"

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