Friday, June 6, 2008

she shines so bright!

you see,when i feel i need a little swing and some lifting up, i can always count on my british boys to make things "suu much batte-er"

and besides i live for punk movements.
those jagged twisted words of their songs couldnt come close to their meaning.Just in your face kinda of songs that never ceases to amaze you. the frontman is their leader whether you like it or not, you might call them a fagg for wearing tight pants even your momma can't fit in them, or maybe you but they brought it all at the center stage when the lights lid up and the crowds hold their breath for that one last scream. scream for euphoria! he said,scream for the dead!he said and one last scream for our broken dreams.make the earth rumbles beneath your doc martins and hi tops!nothing can beat us when we screamed for more and pumped our fists in the air in unison like a bunch of protestants infused with rage and anger.

checking out:

little man tate

Joy division
Bat for lashes

the last is worth checking out.But i dont think it'll suffice for me.I have to listen to it a few times and grow into it to say i love it.that goes the same to joy division too. even though its quiet well known among the punk movement back in 1979, i guess some things doesn't always fits the ears of the new generation like me.For little man tate, not bad at all. i'm not trying to be a music know it all but i'm a new listener to its music and i love the obscene lyrics that tells you a tale of boys and their minds with beer in their hands.Just one of the stories you can relate to,maybe?

i think i should have my own musical blog just dedicated to new music and old. To appriciate and
widen mind knowledge and most of all to move on. Well,maybe not move on entirely but be less biased of the new talented acts that have the same dreams of being heard through their tunes.I should be more open to listening new music. so that's probably what's that blog is going to be about.

so thoughts and takes on music i've came across or probably just glorifying my favourite musicians in more literal way.

ouh wait,as im writing this i've finally came around checking that movie trainspotting gerard once mentioned in murder dvd. i couldnt really catch what he was saying since i'm daff at time and have difficulty understand his jersey accent.


now,i'm also thinking of my own movie blog. My love for donnie darko and almost famous just seeps through your scull if you ever mention it in a conversation with me.

for now;
check this schomosome of a movie:

the soundtracks you say?
checking out as i speak or write.

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