Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stories we could tell people

I thought, ‘I have write about this’.
I want people to know this part of me that surprised some people that aren’t close to me like my friends and family. Or maybe I’ll surprised them of my musical attachments and passion. The outgrown passion that I once longed for again. It’s like I was living in this bygone era and stifling with fears of the thought of moving on to something new because my thought kept saying what was is so much better than anything now. And feeling that I w as born too late to feel the golden days of it all.
Maybe watching that movie had gripped me more by the neck than I’ve thought it had. Leaving it marks on my skin like little black tattoos of tear drops.

The thing im babbling away about is music of course. What else.

Oh I remembered the days where it was all music and nothing more, leaving and breathing it made me burned with so much passion that I got carried away into this world where none understood. My own little bubble where I happily roll around with the lot of em.

Like that song ‘Prison’, I felt that. It’s so much better to do something when you have your mate with you by your side. Nothing foolish that is. We’re not that cool for all those cancer sticks and fashion mayhem all to act upon the hype brought up by the media and older kids around the block.

‘But if their music was dying, wouldn’t they die with it? It had been the heart of their world for as long as Terry remember. Their music was more than a soundtrack- it was a life-support machine from childhood through adolescence and into what was passing for maturity. Perhaps they were all going to have to find other tings to live for, and the music would be just something they came back to now and again, like the memory of someone the you had lost’

That was one of the lines in Tony Parson’s Stories We Could Tell People book. It has been a journey and relief washed with a wave of nostalgia reading this book. I must stressed that none of the event occurred had happened to me, but the thought of music particularly rock and all it’s mishap made me flustered with exasperation because personally maybe that’s how it is. It’s just not the scene or anything because we all know that it has changed in time. But what it had brought you.

As I typed this, I’m listening to the beatles ‘let it be’, still awed by their words and music. I wouldn’t be a hippie just appreciating good music.

I remembered getting into them last year during the school holiday, 2 months of pure confusion but with this nice sunny days where I could just laughed it up.

I’m getting this feeling I can’t stay in one place for too long because I felt like my spirits caved into a dark hole somewhere in suburbia. This is all just fear. Fear of normalcy and not succeeding to their BIG EXPECTATIONS.

Then, now I must hold on to something for this is nothing and only the beginning. I know they will eat me alive so I think growing up with this awkward, intimate and freedom will constantly make me grounded of whatever happen. I wasn’t this brave nor was I talkative or confidence. But I can’t never curb that shyness and ignorance to the side because im a head case like that.

This book seems like a pretty good closure of understanding but a nice sweet beginning after a long time of weeping scrawling on my purple spiral bound book.

Now I understand that we need to let it fall down so it can rise from it ashes.
To loved and let love go.

Because ‘the pieces don’t fit anymore’, that song goes out to my parents and their crumbled marriage or what’s left of it….I’m still wondering where are we going from here when it looked so miserable and unsolvable .

-James morrison
-Jimi Hendrix
-Thomas eract
-Patrick fugit
-Joseph Gordon levitt
-Almost Famous
-Donnie Darko
-Little manhattan
-lord of the rings 1,2 and 3
-Sixpence none the richer
-No doubt
-Shakespeare in love
-Across the universe
-one 3 hill
-sisterhood of the traveling pants
-shopaholics series
-nancy drew books
-avril lavinge 1st album
-michelle branch
-Vanessa carlton
-Alicia keys
-Alicia simmons
-Gerard Arthur way
-frank iero
-ray toro
-micheal james way
-bob bryar
-bert mc cracken
-jepha howard
-quinn allman
-brian with spiked pink hair and rancid t-shirt

Anyways that what I wanted to remembered, continuing the list before. More to come in other post.

some thoughts scattered in my head.

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