Sunday, May 11, 2008


langkawi in one week.
i am not amused.

more awkwardness and family turmoil only in a better and beautiful place. i'm just going there to appriciate the nature and sun. i know for a fact, langkawi is a place begging to be photograph. i just wish we are going with a more responsive company.
ah well,flight tickets had been booked, hotel rooms had been suited and all expanse paid trip by opah.

too bad they tried so much to making something out of nothing.
we could try but i have that natural instinct that we're the one that 's going to be trying our best while the other sits there in their own world making us feeling like a fool.

pretty much fucked up.

i feel i should be as loud and pompous as i can.
i'm going to shove my camera at their noses and make them crack a sincere smile, not that amused snickered smile.

sorry if no one get this post.but i don't feel that comfortable enough to tell the whole thing about my family and it 's delimas.
it's something real personal to me.
and knowing that random people can read this blog, made me alarmed.
just bare with the random thoughts.

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