Sunday, May 25, 2008

something more

this deserve to be remembered.

my love for music had made me older, it made me wiser, it made me happier,it made wittier and most importantly it had thought me to savor every moment of life.
without a doubt i am a happier fan but i think the time had came when i became more than that.
i'm no longer the spectator and yuppie that salutes their behavior and found no flaw in it.

remember once in ALMOST FAMOUS, that mad journalist said "to love a piece of music or band,that it hurt so much"...

well,i had tasted that.
got my fair share or sour.

yeah,so i no longer can listen to other music without being hit by that wave of starling nostalgia.
you see,this is merely not because of the music,but the experienced and the people i had known during this little phase of my life.
the bridge of adolescent is hard hitting and never ending.
i believe that its never to darn late for anything.
if you still wanna be that person in your dreams, so be it.

i don't think this is the ending even thought for everyone else it is,
i think normalcy isn't our style.

anyways after this,i'm keeping an open mind to all sort of music,except new bands that sounds to fuking cliche.
that i wouldn't tolerate .
but i like to be proven wrong because i still have alot to learn.
many many more.
im not even 17,so why do we lost hope so easily these days?
you know that answer.

so here some music i want to remember.

-the beatles
-regina spektor-the call
-jason mrez
-john mayer
-track 16 on sis mix cd
-yael naim
-world inferno friendship society
-ted leo and the pharmacists

i cant remember more,i really have a short memory.those are the
musicians that i had listened to and forgotten,but they deserve more then to be listen.
im writing it here so i wouldn't forget and i can look back and listen to old stuff.

i can't believe flyleaf made into mainstream radio...bizzare...well not really but still,been soo long since i heard lacy's sweet screaming powerful voice,
i love it still.


you know,
listen to the beatles,
when people were ranting and raving that they were good,
they were wrong!
they were great.

the beatles lyrics and arrangement of music from the ballads to the more edgier songs are perfect.

while Refused was the shape of punk to come,i think they own rock and roll that time.
maybe i'm wrong but they stand for all the right reasons.
the political issues that we face day by day as youth and later on as grown adults.
their manifesto gripped me by the hand and caught my eye with and instant intense stare.

while the rest are just great for listening and dancing.
with well written lyrics that inserts its meaning straight from the musicians heart.

what i know is

we go through the same things in different situation,and talking bout it,we can help each other from losing it entirely.

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