Saturday, May 14, 2011

hairy situation

i should start by saying the dinner was great, it made me felt like i was hanging with a bunch of friends and not just classmates. But the road to reach that feeling was a tad rocky. maybe that was an understatement. it was hell. but hey, why dwell on the bad shit in life when you can always reminisce on the good stuff? i take what i can get because not everyday is a good day. I am grateful, that is all.

so, aside from that, I have two weeks of lectures to go and I am done. However, this is not a time to throw your fist up in the sky feeling victorious because that can only mean one thing and one thing only, internship. 1 month to go and i am feeling oh so adequate day by day, which is just great!

even with this in mind, i am still not going to run away crying because I know it is just anxiety and fear talking. so best keep all the negativity in box, tie it to helium fill balloon and let it the fuck go. this is all old news so lets just put that aside bring up the topic of hair.

oh you know how much i love to fuck up my hair. i went into facebook a few weeks ago and saw my fringe up-do and was proud of myself for donning it like a boss. fuck people that says if you don't suit a style because you are not what is deem normal size or look by the media and society. do it anyways! granted i looked like a coconut, but fuck it, it was badass and i loved it. so, i thought it has been too long since i play(fuck) with my hair. i wanted to do the undercut but HATE the fact that i have to pay someone to shave some of my hair off. you see, my rule of thumb with hair is; don't trust hairdressers with your hair.

i've been screwed by them so many times. don't get me started!

yeah sure, it could end up looking fugly. but it is hair, it will grow back. so, i went ahead and did the dip-dyed style. i wanted badly to do some other colour besides red because i have done it so many times but thinking of how well off pissed my parents would be, i went safe and use red.

the result was satisfying and appealing. although, depending on what you think is cool, then you might think i look like part lunatic otherwise it looks awesome.

well, at the end of the day the most important thing you should remember is that i love it,so i dont give a rat's ass about what you think *insert innocent smile*.

okay,that is all for now. i think i am starting to sound angry..

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