Saturday, June 6, 2009

please get me a guide to relationship

i need one.

i've never thought it would come to this, but it has and it felt like i can't pull myself away from the temptations of having it.

therefore to distract myself from such silliness i have come up with a plan..

-that is to not plan at all(this is hazel's idea btw)
-get involve in a photo project
-focus on self



Stellar Tella스 텔라 텔라 said...

polarbear! FIGHTING lol is this bout what we were talking bout at 3am the other day? lol

aristarionne said...

hi irah! sorry we've been out of touch. I just about finished my finals =]

ohoho and a guide on relationships? man those never work. you have to trust your intuition and reason out with your brain before you make any decisions, that is my advice.