Thursday, June 25, 2009

brief introduction of myself

this was my first assigment,my next is about LOVE.i'm giddy with excitement at the freedom given by my lecturers to write about anything.

I’m not one to ponder much on separating myself from my peers. At least that’s what I like to believe. I’ve stop justifying myself a long time ago because I’ve learnt the bitter taste of judgment. However that doesn’t mean I don’t evaluate myself entirely. That wouldn’t be normal right? Like the Beatles said, living is easier with your eyes close but that’s just not living at all. As human beings we have to constantly evolve and measure ourselves to fit a certain mold that is our own. I’m a girl not likely to be your best girlfriend but I’m often referring to be a good friend. Friendship to me is something that wouldn’t risk degenerating into obsession; it is never anything but sharing. I was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on the 11th November somewhere in the beginning of the 90’s where boy bands were all the rage. It is legitimately stated on my birth certificate that my name is Nur Nadhirah binti Zainal Ariff, but as widely known as Irah. Honestly, I don’t even know how that nick name came about. After a week spent facing those eerily white walls of the clinic I was brought home by two ordinary man and woman into a 2 bedroom flat owned by the KTM, my mum’s former employer. We were a close knit family even though not always conventional. I didn’t just grow up with my 2 older sisters and parents but my mum’s siblings and thoughtful neighbors that were both caring and helpful. Leaving in the dodgier side of Kuala Lumpur didn’t mess up with my upbringing because of my parent’s religious background that will always remain rooted inside of me. We left KL for Subang Jaya to be nearer to my dad’s work place and build a life in the suburbs. I detest it because no one was that friendly and I miss exploring the secret pathway to the weekly ‘pasar malam’. Nevertheless, I just found new places to explore and fitted right in until 12 years passed and this is where I call home.
I just want simple things in life that will assure me a sense of freedom, independence and creativity. That’s my long term goal, to be able to express myself through any medium that will evoke questions and realizations in some one. I’ve yet to be completely confident of my goals but I’m getting there one step at a time. Hopefully I am. I just adore those people that give back to the world with what they can and have without money as their main objective. So that’s why I’m taking this path of teaching because I want to learn from my elders and give back to the people that need it. I know I can’t offer money but I think knowledge is far greater than that. Hence, that’ll bring us to my short term goal which is to fully immerse myself in university life by acing my diploma and having countless opportunities to grow as an individual that’s never veering from the path of my asian values and muslim beliefs. My strategic scheme to make this all possible you ask? To never give up, surround myself with people that appreciate life and respects themselves, work hard, be thankful for what I have leaving in this lushes country and of course forgive myself and others when the hiccups occurs along the way. Losing my mind in the process is permitted, but I’ve always managed to crawl back into the sun. I know this is all rather corny and idealistic, but everything start with a notion than the wheel will start to work for those ideas to become a reality. I know that now that you can only plan and pray the order of your life but it is all up to Allah to smooth out the wrinkles along the way.

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