Friday, May 1, 2009

One of the boys

now all the decisions and more waiting is what has my life been for awhile.where can you find me this days?i rather not say for fear of you cool people see me flustered behind the counter of a particularly well known shop or laughing my ass of with my face beet red(not like is usually not) with the guys feeling apart of the group.
i'm going to miss them and feel rather nostalgic whenever i come across any bits and pieces of life thrown at me in the near future.

yeah,there were some really awful incidence but it couldn't triumph the countless laughter they had provoked me because i know I AM A TIGHTASS the work.that's another thing that i've never thought apart of me.But apparently when you are thrown into an entirely new situation and out of your comfort zone,you will feel that you have to try your best to show that you have no weaknesses.especially when you're among guys,yes they tend to be harsher than girls but when they show you the occasional MUST be a ROBOT to not feel a little bit move by the notion(MINUS orangeboy)because it is so precious that you want to physically capture the moment.

well now i do,somewhat like a tattoo.
well a wound to be exact,that will never go away.
imprinted on my left arm.stupidity comes to you when you are bored.mix in a little with a bunch of 17 year old boys with such BRIGHT ideas(don't belittle ok,they do sometimes comes up with good ideas=D)but in this case..was not one of the more brighter bulbs in the box.

i'm so HAPPY that everyone(TINA,FARA,MARISA,MEL)have started blogging regularly like i have been badgering them before.But ironically? i'm the one that haven't been updating mine.
just sitting here collecting virtual dust.

my post ends here because i'm parched!
need some liquid in me and the loo after that.
until next time faithful readers.

OHMYGAWD PIZZA!i love m's house,mesti ada makanan banyak



Stellar Tella스 텔라 텔라 said...

bizaaaatch lols nice to see your blog finally updated =D

eMMe said...

Rumah i mesti ada makanan byk? Lols. U guys have so much fun doing stupid things at work. I miss them too sometimes. And its nice to dropby once in awhile and they still treat me the same. Ive asked awe be4, if i come here next year, will he still be around? He was surprised when i asked that. Lol. I think so far, they r the nicest bunch of guys ive ever met. Honest and sometimes harsh.but thats how they r. Oh, smtimes rather disgustg too xp. U did ask me if in future, i accidentally bump into them again, wud i stop to talk or just wave and past by? I think i wud stop and talk. I use to think i x wana have attachment to them but well, we have to admit they used to be a part of our life. Its our first job ever. We cant forget that.
Its sad that i cant join u guys on the 31st T-T