Friday, July 18, 2008

with a loaded gun she walked across the courtyard

pish,i hate the fact that i have to fit in with my peers just to be justify as cool.

when they start appreciating someone for who they really are and not just another stepping stone to climb the subang jaya's social ladder, then everyone must have been screwed over by each other's "close friends"

yes i'm bitter this way.

i know you've talked about the day your "best friends made that pregnancy rumors about you",
my 1st thought is, are you blind or just duff?
probably both.

i'm just glad i close friends that stick to their guts but i can see that it is starting to waver. i'm just glad they've played a part in making me this skin thick and weird.

i like being weird.
i like not making conversations just to make new acquaintances.
i like i don't have to spent my parents money on materialistic stuff.
i like that i'm independent like that.
i like that this is not entirely a flunk.
mostly i love that im leaving highschool in 4 months.
i know this is cheesy and not wise, but i thought screw that,i'm 16!!
not 61,
i can be as unwise as i want to be.
i tend to forgot the good things in life as the day passes and the stress built up,but i'm writting with positivity and a smile in my mind.

guys, i want to be peter pan!
or maybe one of the fat lost boys.
probably the cute one, with a huge belly:)

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