Monday, July 21, 2008


another one,she couldn't decide it in time so she bet it all and lose it all. they were just her apart of her mistakes. she didnt once think of her actions because all those heap of bad luck and constant mistakes were one with her by now. she didn't built it up and made a better place. she took the uglies scrap and pieces of life they've fuk over and laid it there for her soul to have some salvation.
to have some hope even thought it wasn't real.

so years past as she tried to built it up and make her own empire, where the sun sets and rises.
there she slept against his chest and listen with a slow breath of his heart beat. it was like the lulling of the waves. 2 decades they played this game of being a part of a holy matrimony.

now that she's older and tattered with more weigh around her hips with the beauty once gratify her persona was no longer with her.

as day passes her redemption was like a tornado with the nature o destroying everything in it's path too.......

i wouldn't want that.

this is just a draft.

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