Wednesday, July 16, 2008


love. she had that dream where she saw that guy that was always there behind the curtains and at the other end of the phone calls. sometimes when she listens to "other side of the world" , her heart clutches and soared because it only reminds her of him. so what is this feeling we have?

why do we feel the need to have that person in our lives just to make things feels complete?
i unfortunately or maybe fortunately haven't got a clue about that.

well, looks like love is blooming left and right,
for some it's just a silly heart-throb crush but for others it could be the real deal.


they sat across each other in a nice cozy cafe with the AC gentle playing it part to bay of those Malaysian heat. with a little jingle the door opened and closed but they barely heard the little mummers people around them are making because their eyes was only set at each other. but she couldn't hold the longing stare as captivating as he she looked away and focused on the passers by going to and fro on the other side of the glass window...

she noticed that there wasn't a glint of sunshine breaking it's light through the cotton white clouds, it was now replaced with a gloomy sky with lightning flashed a few seconds ago. she shivered, so he came closer and caught her eye with a hint of concern.

they've talked about the things she could never talked about with other guys and he takes things lightly which made her feel more comfortable to break out of this shell she was always in. maybe his just a good talker she thought but then again those skeptical thoughts was pushed to the back of her head and she let her self relax and immersed herself in this little bubble between the two of them.they smiled and laughed and slipped away as the storm kept brewing outside damping the pavement and the concrete jungle around them.

love is something but i'm still not looking, not for him. :)
but i'm sure he's at the other end of a thread that's connecting us in some cosmic way.

remember frank and his theories?


SPM,screw you.
i'm aiming for 7 a's for trials and screw you again-the one at the abck of my head- saying i can't get it.

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