Saturday, September 27, 2008

yes you must read this.

1 month away from the net, 1 month! it is like i went cold turkey or something.don't get me wrong it wasn't just because of the trial exams that took placed for 3 weeks but the internet connection in my house just wouldn't connect. some mixed up with the wiring near the telephone lines and the modem.

but im here now on my aunt's house cross-legged by the arm chair checking through the things i've missed.

With raya just a few days away we wonder about the typical things it brings. You know the baju raya, food, money, money and ohyah what was I thinking the season for forgiveness among our Muslim family, friends and acquaintances! No guys that’s not a punch line so stop the smirking okay?

But honestly it is about being with your family and enjoying each other’s company with just fancier clothes and talk about all the merry happy stuff that had been going on the passed year not to mention meeting that very distance cousin you have up state again and was totally intrigued by his yearly transformation into a *laugh while I use this word* STUD.
Yup girls that is the real reason you cleaned up well and strut yourself with a beaming smile that probably flashes off like neon lights. And there’s nothing wrong with that cause you only get to do this once a year so make the best of if it as much as you can.

I’ve never realize this but my family had developed this tradition every time raya comes. Every morning on the 1st day of raya after prayers we will gather around the sofa and line up in front of our parents starting from my oldest sis, Bella, after that my 2nd , Anne,which was followed by mua then my
Bro. I’ve never gotten teary-eye amidst all the hugs and salaams. That mostly happened among the adults later on when all of the lot which includes 3 families from my mum’s side gathering at my house or my aunt’s and we threw a shindig! Spoiled ourselves with rendang, ketupat and pineapple tarts.. Ah the life aint it. After much fuss over our outfits, hair and make-up as my sister’s room became a dressing room where my cousins and I crammed each other’s faces in front of a 20 inch mirror that I had taken most of the space seeing the size of me! It will be like war for the mascara, eye-liner and mirror space. This also includes listening to my cousins pleading voices on making them look like a million bucks! I’ll say one thing and one thing only: “ I’m not a miracle worker okay!so stop hovering over me and yeeeeeessss I will help you!”,then we trudged off to my mum’s room and I’ll start to act like I actually know what I’m doing when I have not got the slightest clue about putting on make-up. Seeing that I’ve been a totally ignorant girl for the passed 4 years by turning my back on beauty cosmetics. About 30 minutes of cam-whoring later….we go downstairs and again lined up to the respective aunts and uncles that were giving out cash! You can’t ask from every adults there, it will be just utterly confusing and unfair right? The scene would be simply delightful because everyone would be shouting at each other , teasing, laughing ,smiling, and for the kids they got richer while the adults were having heartache giving out the duit raya to everyone of us. But it didn’t matter! It’s all in the raya spirit. So, after that commotion we huddled up in front of a camera and take pictures. So this year I’m thinking of shooting in film! Well both film and digital like I did with this year’s holidays because the pictures turned out really impressive. Oh!I’ll need a bigger bag this year to lodge around my Shotgun and Ace around. They’re my cameras…..yes I gave them names….it just seemed appropriate
Okay? and it was a natural process when those name came out. Shot gun because of MCR of course while Ace because of Frances. J

After bigger commotions over the shutters we strutted our stuff into the car, girls in one car while guys in the other. Yeah very sexiest but all for a good reason. The sweet sisterhood bonding and whipping up a plan on how to deal with that vain cousin that had lost half her body weight and looked great. Too bad she picked up an unpleasant attitude along that process. I wishes to shout that BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP BETCH! don’t give us the side way glances and half amused smile while we shake our hands. Right…..of we go to start our journey from one house to the other until darkness lowers it’s curtain and the moon and stars dances out across the deep dark blue sky while our faces turned oily and sticky where oil bloater made unfeasible to do it’s job. So we’ll rest at the beautiful house on top of the hill with great plumbing and food. Surrounded by the baboons, wild hogs and aunts that annoys the f out you yearly.
The day couldn’t have been better. No pun intended there :P
It’s just always a perfect chaos as it should be.
That is what I’m looking forward to every year.


Ps: I’m reading boy and going solo by road dahl,so that’s why I feel like the words just rolls of my head and into sentences. That man was something. I was swooned by his stories in Henry sugar book. Quiet extraordinary for me since I’m a virgin with his books. But later on when I’ve read Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, I knew he was not just great but magnificent.

Come on guys!A CHOCOLATE RIVER !!!where can you just take a mug and scoop some out to drink. That is heaven for me. however the movie with johnny depp as willy wonka didn’t go parallel with my imagination of him nor the story.

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